150 Women-Owned Business Challenge Reaches Mile Marker 50 With New Trucking Start-Ups

The collaborative program between the Women In Trucking Association and Expediter Services to establish 150 women-owned businesses in transportation is now one third of the way toward reaching its initial goal. Expediter Services, a leader in capacity solutions and ownership opportunities within the trucking industry, announced that a collaborative program with the Women In Trucking Associationto [...]

Dart Network Podcast Series Highlights Trucking Industry’s Efforts To Combat Human Trafficking

Missing Word Solutions Principal Greg Thompson worked with Dart Transit on the development of a special podcast series focused on the many efforts the trucking industry is making to support the fight to prevent and stop human trafficking. We have featured the press release Dart issued along with the five-part podcast series. The series has [...]

Magazine Feature: US-Canada NAFTA Trade: Northern Light Hoping For a Silver Lining

Feature article in the January-March 2017 edition of Automotive Logistics. The article provides of an analysis of NAFTA's impact on the the automotive supply chain and the overtures by the Tump Administration to renegotiate NAFTA. To read the online version of this story, please click here.

Overview Of SuccessInTrucking.com & ES Network’s Outreach To General Trucking Market

Highlighting PR Efforts & Initiatives In Expedited Sector As Well In the fall of 2016, Expediter Services and the ES Network launched SuccessInTrucking.com — a platform focused on expanding the possibilities for truck ownership with a program that offers access to financing at favorable rates and equipment from the leading truck manufacturers in the industry. [...]

SuccessInTrucking.com Radio Ads & Podcasts: Hitting The Key Points

As part of introducing the SuccessInTrucking.com initiative to the market, the ES Network produced a series of radio advertising campaigns in 2017. The 30-second spots were featured on the Red Eye Radio Network, a nationally syndicated overnight show, popular with company drivers and owner-operators. The program has been on the air for nearly 50 years. [...]

SuccessInTrucking.com Video Series: Fleet Owner & Owner-Operator Perspectives

Expediter Services and the ES Network offer a true career path for entrepreneurs interested in the trucking industry. The video series on this page features the perspectives of fleet owners and owner-operators who have found success through the ES Network. Fleet Owner Profile: Donna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0tFZJnv4FE&t=22s Fleet Owner Profile: Rick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsuAy0uSRKU Owner-Operator Profile: Ann & Dorr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTd-enA-3oY [...]

SuccessInTrucking.com Video Series: Fleet Leadership Perspectives

The number of fleets working with the ES Network and Expediter Services continues to grow. The video series featured on this page offers the viewpoints of executives whose fleets have become part of the ES Network. The discussions touch on a range of topics, including ownership opportunities, fuel discounts, maintenance assistance and business support. Mike [...]

SuccessInTrucking.com Video Series: Industry Influencers

Ellen Voie, President & CEO of Women In Trucking Prior to the Expediter Group Gathering, Ellen spoke with the ES Network about the first 10 years of Women In Trucking and shared some observations innovative approach that Expediter Services takes within the trucking industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kitBoNW7HzA&t=354s At the Expedite Expo, Ellen visited with the ES Network [...]

Magazine Advertising Related To SuccessInTrucking.com Initiative

The ES Network launched the SuccessInTrucking.com website in November of 2016. As part of the overall initiative to offer ownership opportunities across the general trucking market, the ES Network developed ads that have been featured in national publications. Website Introduction/Path To Ownership Print Ads Note: These appeared as half-page ads in Landline. The art has [...]

Media Alert: Gregg Allman Musical Director Scott Sharrard Going On Tour

“I know all about guitar players -- I’ve seen the very best -- and Scott Sharrard is the perfect guitarist for my band. He understands that you don’t need to play just for the sake of playing; Scott isn’t one of those guys who thinks they get paid by the note. He never steps on [...]