Examples of White Papers

Having worked in corporate marketing and public relations for nearly 20 years, Greg Thompson always believed that organizations should seek to market their knowledge and expertise. A successful business is typically filled with leaders who have insights and innovations that can turn challenges into opportunities.

Regardless of the industry, people are searching for answers and they are seeking to become more efficient. Often, there are shared obstacles and issues that people and their businesses may face at a given time. One of the more unique ways of marketing your business can come in the form of sharing knowledge and insights through White Papers and Case Studies.

There can be tremendous value to marketing the “Brain Power” of an organization. Clients, customers and those potentially interested in working with an organization will be more receptive to your “pitch” if they can see that you have successfully dealt with an issue of concern to them.

In an electronic age that demands multi-tasking and has further shortened limited attention spans, studies have shown that audiences are willing to invest the time to read an extended analysis of an issue that relates to them and what they are experiencing.

Over the years, Greg Thompson and Missing Word Solutions have had the opportunity to work on a number of Thought Leadership projects. Through the links below, you can view some of those efforts.

Development of Healthcare Topics For Elliott Davis Decosimo:

During Greg’s tenure in the Marketing Department of Elliott Davis Decosimo, his primary focus was in the area of Thought Leadership. Greg developed a number of White Papers and Case Studies for many of the firm’s practices. A significant amount of that work was done for the firm’s Healthcare Practice. Greg served as a ghostwriter for the firm’s senior management.

Greg’s process for ghostwriting and working with executive management followed along these lines: After learning about the topic that they wanted to develop, Greg would outline the areas that would serve as the foundation for the White Paper. Greg would then conduct a Q&A with the author as a subject matter expert. The Q&A would serve as a main resource/voice for developing the White Paper.

Here are links to a three White Paper topics and an important client alert regarding HIPAA that we developed by using this process:

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To read An Analysis of the Inter-Connectivity Between Commercial Reasonableness and Fair Market Value, click here.

To read Captive Insurance: Negotiating The Roadblocks, click here.

To read the client alert on Phase 2 compliance with HIPAA, click here.