White Papers, Case Studies & Thought Leadership Content Development

One of the most overlooked and undervalued opportunities for any company or organization is marketing your subject-matter expertise through the development of white papers, case studies, articles and opinion pieces. These materials not only add a depth of content to your featured on your website, but they can be shared across numerous platforms, including trade magazines, online discussion groups as well as LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Our award-winning writing professionals have developed C-Level thought leadership content for a wide variety of industry verticals. We have designed a highly effective ghostwriting process that limits the time involvement of a subject-matter expert to less MissingWordSolutions.com than an hour. We carry the load on the editorial development and, with our Public Relations expertise, we can execute a plan to maximize the visibility for your content.

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MissingWordSolutions.com also has extensive experience in the field of journalism with award-winning professionals who understanding the importance of providing the kind depth and insight to a story that truly speaks to readers. Our writers have been published in national and regional magazines as well as daily newspapers and trade publications. We have provided coverage from a Presidential Inauguration, a World Series and conducted an interview with Arthur Ashe just months before his death.

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Press Releases

With more than 30 years’ experience in working with the media, the MissingWordSolutions.com team has been a part of the evolution of the press release. We have become adept at working with our clients to go beyond merely hitting the high points that inspired the drafting of the release. Whenever possible, the press releases developed by our team strive to provide true substance and perspective, offering our target audience and media editors insight into why the announcement is important and meaningful.

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Marketing Copy

There’s no question that copy development for marketing-related content has undergone a massive evolution during the past 20 years with a reduced emphasis on printed pieces and the growth of electronic platforms. The pros at MissingWordSolutions.com have been active participants in these changing times – working with clients to assess their needs and providing options that fit both their goals and budget. From producing full-length annual reports for state organizations in the 1990s to developing a fan website that raised over $30,000 in less than 30 days for a NHRA motorcycle drag racing team in 2015, MissingWordSolutions.com has combined the right words with effective strategies.

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