Media Relations

In today’s electronic age, companies and organizations can serve as their own news source through posting press releases and other information on websites and social media platforms. The question becomes do you have the capability to earn media coverage with the news and events you are sharing? has the depth of experience in organizing special events, press conferences, feature coverage and placement of press releases that can bring a spotlight to your organization. has worked with reporters and editors from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Parade Magazine. We have also interfaced with producers and reporters from all the major broadcast and cable networks, including NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s World News Tonight. As noted in our Crisis Communications section, we also have the expertise in working with the media when tough questions arise. We coach organizations on preparing subject matter experts and company representatives to speak with the media.

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Crisis Communications

Do you have a fire alarm or smoke detector in your office? Crisis Communications serves that same purpose for companies or organizations taking the heat for those unexpected and unforeseen situations. Our professionals have years of experience in this field. We can help you evaluate your risks related to potential crises that can impact your business through adverse media exposure and public scrutiny. As part of that evaluation process, can develop a proactive, just-in-case plan that covers a variety of scenarios. We can also serve as a partner with you in executing your crisis communications plan. Most businesses and organizations may never have to sound the Crisis Communications alarm. But when that alarm does go off, you want to be able to answer “yes” to these questions: Are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Has it been tested? Do you have the resources and capabilities to execute your plan?

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Public Relations

While holds many years of experience in all areas of public relations, our primary focus is in the development and execution of PR and marketing strategies designed to support the service lines we offer to our clients. For example, we can offer PR and marketing options for the best approach to promoting a white paper or case study that we have developed for a client. utilizes one of the leading press release decimation platforms and provides our clients with detailed analytics. We have the ability to evaluate a client’s needs in developing projects and initiatives that can effectively support the internal and external communication goals of any organization.

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Internal Communications

MissingWordSolutions has been involved with internal communications initiatives for nearly 20 years. Our approach is to meet with our clients and evaluate their needs based on the potential “pain points” for the organization.

MissingWordSolutions is adept at designing communications platforms and campaigns that are audience-specific and goal-oriented. We take a plug-and-play approach to working with the team members in the organization to develop an effective messaging that will resonate across the generational and occupational divides within your workforce. We take the time to understand your corporate culture and we work to find adaptable and measurable options that will deliver results. Through the years, we have developed newsletters, magazines, videos, podcasts, intranet platforms and even “town hall” meeting formats to assist in placing all members of an organization on the same page.

Website Development & Content Management has 20 years of experience in developing website content. Whether it’s starting from the ground floor and securing the right domain name or rebuilding a long-standing website, we take great pride in working with our clients to assess their needs while maximizing their available budget. Quite often, our development and content management of websites becomes part of coordinated and comprehensive public relations, marketing and communications strategy that we are able to offer to our clients.

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Social Media Strategy & Content Development

A social media presence has become a vital part of an organization’s communications and marketing strategy. For many organizations, their active presence on social media has become as important as the content found on their website. has worked to develop effective messaging and response strategies for a host of social media platforms. Like our approach with public relations and website development, our primary focus in the area of social media is centered on offering our clients options for promoting content that we have developed on their behalf. Social media has become an important tool in the integrated solutions that we provide for our clients.