Tuesday May Be Gone, But The Midnight Rider Will Roll On Forever!

Reacting To The Loss Of Gregg Allman Saturday, May 27, 2017 – the day that will be remembered for the passing of Gregg Allman. While there were signs this day was coming and while there’s no doubt that Gregg left an indelible mark that will live across the ages, that doesn’t make this day [...]

Success Forged By Fire: Business Leaders Who Overcame Difficult Challenges

By Greg Thompson Expanded version of Feature published by Chattanooga CityScope in the magazine’s Winter 2017 edition. Success that has been forged from the fire of meeting life’s challenges is as resilient as the steel foundation within a high-rise building. The ability to withstand the heat of a given situation and become stronger because of [...]

The Dex & Mo Show: A Partnership That Echoes Across The Airwaves

By Greg Thompson Expanded Version of Feature Published by Chattanooga CityScope in the magazine’s Fall 2013 edition. The countdown to 3:00 p.m. is once again entering the final stages as Dex and Mo begin what is for them a joyous daily walk into the main studio at US101 -- Chattanooga’s top-rated radio station and one [...]

Scott Sharrard Connecting With History During Muscle Shoals & Memphis Recording Sessions For New ‘Saving Grace’ Album

By Greg Thompson Freelance Writer & Producer As he approached the front door of FAME Studios in mid December, Scott Sharrard paused for a moment to feel the vibes of the legendary recordings captured within the building immortalized by the documentary film Muscle Shoals. Sharrard, the lead guitarist and musical director for the Gregg Allman [...]

25 Years Later: Revisiting Coverage of the 1991 World Series & Heroics By Jack Morris

Published in the Chattanooga Free Press on October 28, 1991 MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Having dreamed this moment a million times as a kid growing up in South St. Paul, Minnesota Twins starter Jack Morris finished his bullpen warm-up with a curious arm motion just prior to the start of Game Seven Sunday night. His name [...]

‘Regular People’ Meet Politicians, Stars At ’93 Bill Clinton Inaugural

Published in the Chattanooga Free Press on January 24, 1993 WASHINGTON -- James Back, a native of Hot Springs, Ark., and a federal employee here since 1961, could hardly believe his eyes this past Wednesday. About 300 yards from Mr. Back’s standing-room spot stood President Bill Clinton, who was basking in the glow of a [...]

Galadrielle Allman: Lighting Her Own Path & Continuing Legacy of Her Father

Of all the interviews I’ve conducted since I began my career in the early 1980s, few (if any) have become more personal than the Q&A session I had with Galadrielle Allman on October 27th of this year. Galadrielle is the daughter of Duane Allman, a guitar icon and the co-founder of the Allman Brothers Band. [...]

The Vault: Stories From The Archives & Perspectives From Behind The Scenes

Arthur Ashe: A Man Of True Grace & Dignity     Without the slightest hint of fear in her 11-year-old steps, Christy Glenn walked directly toward Arthur Ashe upon his late arrival at the Huntsville International Airport. Glenn, the 1991 Alabama Girls 10s state tennis champion, had patiently outlasted all of the other junior players who [...]