Traveling The Road To Nightfall: A Limited Run Podcast Series

PodTopics Chattanooga is thrilled to present a limited-run podcast series that is focused on the Road To Nightfall, the annual concert series from Chattanooga Presents! and Sound Corps. The Road To Nightfall provides the opportunity for musical acts in the Chattanooga area to compete for a spot as the headliner for the one of the nights in this year’s Nightfall Concert Series.

In the debut episode of the Road To Nightfall Podcast Series, we’ll be featuring an in-depth interview with the organizers and sponsors of this annual competition. Listeners will also hear a collection of music cuts and stage announcements designed to take you inside the Road To Nightfall. Our featured guests will be Carla Pritchard, the owner of Chattanooga Presents!, and Stratton Tingle, the Executive Director of Sound Corps in Chattanooga. Also, during the podcast, you’ll hear our conversation with Edwin Tucker and Mark Franklin from the Chattanooga office of T-Mobile for Business, the presenting sponsor for this year’s Road To Nightfall.



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