Harness The Power Of Podcasting For Your Business Or Organization

Missing Word Solutions is thrilled to begin our work on the launch of PodTopics Chattanooga. The goal of PodTopics Chattanooga is to become a one-stop resource for developing and hosting podcasts featuring businesses, organizations and individuals from the Chattanooga area. PodTopics Chattanooga is proud to partner with the Chattanoogan.com on an initiative that is focused on creating and maintaining a directory of Chattanooga-related podcasts.

Podcasting has become a new frontier for media development – one in which it’s possible for everyone to raise up their voice. For organizations seeking to grow their businesses by marketing their knowledge and expertise in a relatable manner, podcasts allow you the time and space to address even the most complex issues in a style that is conversational and down to earth.

PodTopics Chattanooga is a podcast production and podcast hosting company. In the area of podcast development, we specialize in working directly with businesses and organizations of all sizes as well as individuals to harness the power of podcasting to help you achieve your goals.

Since 2016, our team has produced more than 1,000 podcast episodes for a variety of clients across multiple industries. Most notably, we have developed a well-tested planning and production process that allows our team to become a plug-and-play resource for our clients. With more than 40 years of experience in the fields of audio production development, interviewing, writing, media relations and marketing, we have the skills and expertise to make podcasting both a time-efficient and cost-efficient reality for our clients.

Connect with Your Target Audience

Podcasting gives you a platform to discuss the topics that matter most to the customers, clients and prospects of your business or organization. A well-organized and well-produced podcast can provide you with a competitive advantage in the market, because the audience is hearing your expert perspective on your chosen group of topics while they are also getting to know a bit about you and your services.

Is using podcasting the right move for your business or organization? What type of podcast can work best to serve your needs? These are among the first questions that we ask anyone considering a podcast. Our evaluation process also includes working the business or organization to identify their goals for a podcast. Understanding what you want to achieve and identifying your target audience are major pieces of the puzzle when evaluating whether or not starting a podcast is worth pursuing.

Examples Of Our Work

We believe it’s very important for businesses and organizations to be able to hear the end result of how we can work with them on organizing, developing and ultimately producing podcasts for release. One of our working models is the development of brief podcasts that can serve as evergreen content on specific topics.

Client Podcast Excerpt: Discussing Tax Audits

In this excerpt from 2021, you can hear an example of our work with the President & CEO of Equinox Business Solutions to develop an effective outline that allowed him to cover the topic of tax audits at a high level. The podcast structure also provides opportunities for promoting his company’s services to small businesses and owner-operators in the trucking industry.


Moving Business Forward Series: Interview Excerpts

In 2020, we did some testing in the Chattanooga market with our approach to podcast development. We used PodTopics.com as an initial platform. One of the series that resulted from our market testing was Moving Business Forward, an interview series that is focused on sharing insights from business leaders and decision makers in the Chattanooga area. The initial run of Moving Business Forward coming out of the pandemic produced 10 long-form interviews. Excerpts from some of our interviews were featured on WUTC’s Scenic Roots program. We’ve chosen three excerpts from Moving Business Forward to share as examples of how we engage business and community leaders.

Walking Tour of Chattanooga Whiskey

From April 2022, Chattanooga Whiskey Founder and CEO Tim Piersant took Moving Business Forward on a walking tour of the company’s Riverfront Distillery in downtown Chattanooga. Along with taking our listeners through the inner workings of the company’s operation, Tim shares the history of how Chattanooga Whiskey has grown from its roots to become a recognized brand among craft whiskeys.

Spotlighting The Chattanooga Tourism Company

From January 2022, What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry in Chattanooga? How has an important part of the Chattanooga economy adapted and innovated within what has become the new normal? Moving Business Forward asked those questions and much more during our conversation with Barry White, the CEO and President of the Chattanooga Tourism Company.

The Chattanooga Chamber’s Initial Response To The Pandemic

From February 2022, Christy Gillenwater, who was the President and CEO of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce at the time of this interview, discusses how the Chamber evolved its services and programs to meet the challenges of the pandemic. Christy also shares her observations on the resiliency of the Chattanooga business community.

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