The Dart Network Podcast Series, which features news and information highlighting the Dart Driving Community and the departments throughout Dart supporting the professionals out on the road for the company, surpassed 2,500 listener downloads in March. The Podcast achieved this milestone by averaging more than 100 downloads per week during the first six months of the series.

Through the Dart Network Podcast, the series has highlighted a wide range of activities by Company Drivers and Owner-Operators within the Dart Network. In addition, the podcast series has also shared features on members of the Dart office staff and management. The segments within the podcast feed have included a number of helpful topics for managing life on the road, including safety reminders, business tips and approaches for staying fit.

To celebrate reaching the milestone of 2,500 downloads, the Dart Network Podcast produced a segment with a series of highlights from the program’s first six months. For long-time listeners of the Podcast, the series offers a quick look back at some of the features that have been covered. For new listeners, this playlist package provides an opportunity to hear the range of topics the podcast has featured during its first six months. To listen to the special segment commemorating the Dart Network Podcast reaching the milestone of 2,500 downloads, please click here.