The opportunity to collaborate with an organization on a production and focus what begins as a broad scope to the content that can speak to and impact an audience is deeply rewarding.

At MissingWordSolutions.com, we spend a great deal of time listening and asking questions of our clients before we plan out the first segment and begin the actual recording.

Our work with Dart Transit is a great example of approach to podcast development. MissingWordSolutions.com has collaborated with Communications Team at Dart during a span of four years to an extensive series of podcasts. One of the highlights of our work with Dart took place in 2019 when Missing Word Solutions, through the PodWheels Network, produced Driving Through History, a retrospective series looking back at the 85th anniversary of Dart Transit, which was founded in 1934. To listen to the Driving Through History Series, please click here

Our PodWheels Network platform has experienced tremendous growth since we launched our PodWheels app in 2018. In fact, PodWheels has more than doubled in our overall download activity since we launched the app and the PodWheels website. 2020 has seen a significant increase in activity as we continue to add new clients and new podcasts. The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund is a great example of the growth that we have seen through PodWheels. To learn more about SCF and to access the catalog of SCF Highway To Hope Podcasts, please click here.