New From Equinox!

We invite you to check out our new podcast, The Tax Boot Camp. Produced in conjunction with the PodWheels Network, the Tax Boot Camp Series will feature the experience and expertise of Equinox Business Solutions.  During this series, the PodWheels Network will be talking with Equinox Business Solutions CEO Colton Lawrence on a range of topics focused on providing valuable insights for professional drivers, especially those who are owner-operators and independent contractors. As you’ll hear, Equinox Business Solutions understands the importance of being able to go from the white lines of the Highway to the bottom line of your business.

Listen Up: The Tax Boot Camp Podcast Series


In this debut edition of the Tax Boot Camp podcast, Colton Lawrence is our guest. Colton is the CEO of Equinox, and he joins PodWheels Network Executive Producer Greg Thompson to discuss what owner-operators and independent contractors should be addressing early in the year related to paying estimated taxes and working on preparations for filing their 2019 returns. Colton and Greg also discuss the risks of procrastination and the advantages for your business in taking a year-long approach to have a plan in place for working with your taxes.