As part of introducing the initiative to the market, the ES Network produced a series of radio advertising campaigns in 2017. The 30-second spots were featured on the Red Eye Radio Network, a nationally syndicated overnight show, popular with company drivers and owner-operators. The program has been on the air for nearly 50 years. In 2017, the ES Network also began a periodic podcast series with Expediter Services President Jason Williams, who detailed state of the industry as well as the opportunities and support available through the ES Network.

Radio Ad Series No. 1 — Highlighting Lease-Purchase Alternatives, ES Network Support, Opportunities for Women & More

Radio Ad Series No. 2 — Featuring Owner-Operator Caleb Harper


Radio Ad Series No. 3 — Featuring Jason Williams, President of Expediter Services

Podcast Segment No. 1 — Jason Williams Discusses Ownership Opportunities

Podcast Segment No. 2 — Jason Williams Discusses The Expanding Fleet Options Within The ES Network