Highlighting PR Efforts & Initiatives In Expedited Sector As Well

In the fall of 2016, Expediter Services and the ES Network launched SuccessInTrucking.com — a platform focused on expanding the possibilities for truck ownership with a program that offers access to financing at favorable rates and equipment from the leading truck manufacturers in the industry. Meanwhile, Expediter Services continued to expand its fleet network and scope of services in the expedited transportation sector. Through SuccessInTrucking.com, the ES Network is working to broaden the overall operation with a proven system that can assist professional drivers in their quest for independence and truck ownership. This program also has the power to introduce new generations to the tremendous earnings potential that exists in the trucking industry.

What follows on this page is a look at many of the significant marketing efforts within the expedited sector and general trucking by Expediter Services and the ES Network.

Key Sections of Interest on SuccessInTrucking.com

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Financing Overview

Equipment Overview

MBA: Much Better Alternative For Ownership

Lease-Purchase Vs. Real Ownership Options

Approach To Support


Expedited Sector: Feature Media Coverage

Prior to the annual Expedite Expo in Lexington, Ky., ExpeditersOnline.com published a series of feature stories highlighting carriers that had joined the ES Network in the spring and early summer of 2017. We have provided links to those stories below.

To read about Express-1 founder Mike Welch’s return to expediting, please click here.

To read about the collaboration between Premium Transportation Logistics and Expediter Services, please click here.

To read the feature detailing how All-State Express and Expediter Services are working together, please click here.

Video Features: Highlighting Opportunities & Key Industry Perspectives

During 2017, the ES Network has produced a number of videos that have been used within the expedited sector and within general trucking. We have divided the video into the following three areas:

To watch our video series with key industry influencers, including Women In Trucking founder Ellen Voie, please click here.

To watch our video series featuring a collection of fleet executives discussing the opportunities developing within the industry and how the programs from the ES Network can open doors toward truck ownership, please click here.

To watch our series highlighting fleet owners and owner-operators who have found support and success through what the ES Network has to offer, please click here.

SuccessInTrucking.com Print & Digital Advertising Campaigns

The launch and continued marketing for SuccessInTrucking.com has been supported by both print and digital advertising efforts. On the digital side, we have worked with Randall-Reilly to promote a campaign that has been specifically focused on drivers with a potential interest in ownership.

To view the landing page for the digital campaign, please click here.

To view the print ads that the ES Network has placed in national publications to promote SuccessInTrucking.com, please click here.

Radio Ads & Podcasts: Part of SuccessInTrucking.com Marketing Effort

The SuccessInTrucking marketing effort has extended to numerous media platforms, including broadcast radio and a podcast series. To listen to the series of ads that were heard on nationally-syndicated radio as well as a podcast series featuring Expediter Services President Jason Williams, please click here.